MI6 Fantasy RP (Role-Play)

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MI6 Fantasy RP (Role-Play)

Post by Bluestar90210 on Thu Dec 22, 2011 7:59 pm

NOTE: This is a chat RP compare to the other RPs.

MI6 Fantasy RP

In a world of COMPLETE FANTASY... organizations called: Clans have taken positions on the earth and war with each other. The war is reaching huge amounts, that the countryside and earth is slowly crumbling...
Will MI6 be able to defeat the other clans before this happens? Find out by reading the RP!

-PART 1-


In a unknown time, at a unknown location, somewhere in Egypt, Bluestar90210 tasked to destroy the [HEXAGEN] base and end there terror in Egypt.


: *Looks*

: Time to sneak in...

*meanwhile inside the base*

: Today men, is the day the Mafia dies!!

: Umm... uh uh... Yay! Yeah hexagen Um.... Rules!

: Not in are to- Sh**!

: Bark!

: Eh?

: Deploy the dragon!

: Yes umm.... sir, er... ki- I mean sir! Yes sir!

: Roar!

: Umm... Uh, sir, the dragon... Oh umm... crap.

*dragon flies through the walls and destroys the place and kills the leader of hexagen*

: Perfect! There own dragon will destroy there base!

: Time to GTFO!!


: Get him!!! *completely ignores the dragon destroying there base*

: RAWR!!! *eats there banners*


: Whew, gg HEXAGEN!

: Get the cannons!

: Uh, um... Uh, u- oh um... sir, the dragon ate the cannons...

: What dragon?

: Idk...

: Whatever, GET THE SNIPERS!

: Sh**...

*Fireing at me*

: What am I going to do? *hiding behind sand*

: Get him!!! *gunners run up*

: Argh, alright looks like I have no choice but to fight back...


: AGHH!!!


: We uh um er, uh.... I dunno what happend to him.

: ...

: *Some chick comes up*

(Ducky): Pathetic people who call themselves soilders....

: ... Who are uh, you?

*turns around* (Ducky): I am... General Ducky.


-PART 2-


After completing the mission at Egypt, Bluestar90210 returns to HQ and has to go out again to stop some girl at a airport in Egypt. The girl is in some kind of suit called: "Magicka Armor".


*Steps in MI6 HQ*

: Hola.

: Hello, Ground Slayer and The Man are upstairs.

: Thanks. *Goes to roof*

*Steps in the Command Room on the 10th floor*

: Hey.

(The Man) *looking out window* : Hi...

: I destroyed HEXAGEN's base.

: Good work man.

: What's up?

: Nm, You?

: Just been throgh a lot, there own dragon destroyed there base, and I got attacked by snipers.

: Anyway... anything new happen?

: No not to much.

: Commander! We got incoming reports.

: ?

: Yes what is it?

*A message appears on the screen*

Message: A unknown person in the new "Magicka Armor" has attacked civilans at a airport in Egypt.


Screen: : *Shoots fire from the cannon burning civilans and planes*

: Damn... listen! Ill go out there and stop it!

: Ground Slayer and me have already made a plan, and you will go, Blue.

: You will move to the airport, we know how to destroy it, so follow along.

: The Magicka Armor's weak point is the cannon on the front, but bullets won't effect it due to its beam shield.

: But, we have a device that can disable it, you only have to place it on there.

: After that, just land a grenade or a few shots in the cannon and the core should be destroyed.

: Good luck, *winks*.

Ok soldier go out and do you best!

: Alright thanks! Im outta here!


*looking through telescope* (Ducky): Hmmm... are little witch is doing well...

: Should we umm... like, send her backup uh Mame?

(Ducky) : No, she should be fine. Go back to your quarters!

: Yes umm... Mame, your pretty...

*punches him* (Ducky): SHUT UP!!!

: MEEP!!!

: ...This place is the pits...


-PART 3-


After getting the news of the battles at the airport, Bluestar90210 heads out to stop the wild mech from destroying everything in sight.


: Huff... Huff... Finally...

: Whew, I made it.

*Gets out binoculars*

: Hmmm....

: Looks like they sent backup...

: Huff Huff.... Keep moving! Huff... uh... We need to um patrol the place!

(Ducky): Why do I feel someone is going to come?

: I'm sure it will be fine uh Mame.

: Its a good thing I got my sniper... I just knew there was going to be backup.

: Hmm? Uh Mame umm... whats that uh... word... um... Oh! uh Who's that? *Points to me*

: Who?- WTF!?!?!

(Me) : *Snipes the guard's head*

(Ducky) : Sound the Alarm!

: Whats a alar- AHHH!!

*Snipes more*

Alright thats probable enough, time to move in!

: Get him!!!

(Ducky) : ... There hopeless, lets see what are little witch is capable of!

*Presses a button on a remote*

: ?

: I will destroy all!!!!

(Me): Yeah that's it! Come and eat some bullets- ?

*Fires cannon*

: CRAP! *runs*

*makes a raging fire*

*hides and remembers what the informant said*

: Oh right...

: Well, I have ALMOST nothing to lose.

: Hahahaha!

: Let'sa go!

*tosses device at the mech*

*It lands next to its cannon*

: Perfect!

*Grabs mini gun and fires like crazy into its cannon*

*The mech starts sparking and explodes*

: AHHH!!!

*Gets throw injured from the mech*


(Ducky) : *Crys* I never win do I...

(Ducky) : Fall back!

: Yes Mame!

*Back at HQ*

: She should be fine now, she was being controled by HEXAGEN.

: Hmm... who is she?

: Idk.

: Unn....

*She starts to wake up*

: ?

: Your awake.

: I'm.... I'm....

LeAnne.... Ugh... *Faints*



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