How to fix bugs in CS portable

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How to fix bugs in CS portable Empty How to fix bugs in CS portable

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:36 pm

Ok the 1st bug we work with is 1st and 3rd person cam bug i had this bug alot of times if your in 3rd person and you try to go to 1st person some times it dont work so heres somein you can try it helps me some times go by way wall and prees X to go down and try to prees C if it dont work try going to a new game or try to die in the game your in and you know how you see ppl its called spectator and prees C and just let it like that and next game comes you be in 1st person same with 3rd person but sometimes it dont work with 3rd person so just do that easy lol thx for looking at this afro win

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